The Club! It's Hot! It's Fast! It's Raunchy!

It's one night in 1930's New York, in a dark and seedy underground burlesque night club.
Featuring music in the style of Glenn Miller and other big band composers of the time.
Original music and script by George Riddell.

Our sordid story starts with a 'moider'. In other words, Murder-New York style.

Our heroine for the evening is wholesome and eyes-to-die-for Lisa May Dickens. A beautiful accident waiting to happen.
She is lured to The Club by the Nazi Spy Pete Trom in a bid to kidnap her and blackmail her father an atomic scientist.
With this top secret atomic information the Nazi Party could take over the world!
Our hero is Sam Glade: ex-Cop and now Private Investigator to the down-and-outs of West Side gangland.
He sets to work trying to discover and piece together clues of the evening with crosses and double crosses at every turn.

Can you help stop them?

"The Club" is a fast paced musical with adult themes and true burlesque acts and performances.

The show has set dance pieces, loads of characters and fun plots.

Character List

LISA MAY DICKENS (Blind as a bat without her glasses. A rich kid who has ran away from her Science/Military family to find her boyfriend.)

"SURE THING" (The "well past her sell by date" and "date by date" Waitress, short and old.)

GLORIA GELDWITZ (Nazi Double Agent or maybe not? You decide.)

SAM GLADE P.I. (Retired from the police and now a Private Investigator. A bitter man after his partner ran off with the gangster KILLER KEVIN.)

MOLES DIAMOND (The Club Owner and talk-a-holic talks to everyone in the bar even if they don't want him to.)

KNUCKLE DUSTER (Bouncer 1 - The brain cell of the two of bouncers. This one's the cultured one.)

JJ NO NOSE (Bouncer 2 - Wears a large plaster over his nose. It was frozen off in a freak ice cream palor accident.)

FRED THE FLIRT (A waiter who thinks he's Gods gift to women, infact anything that's not nailed down, he'll nail it anyway.)

BOB THE BOTTLE (The Barman, old geezer who's seen it all and done it all.)

PETE TROM (The man "Lisa May" has run away to be with. Trumpet player and Nazi Spy.)

HERR KLEIN KNOPF (Nazi SS Officer. But is he the MASTERMIND of the whole plot?)

KILLER KEVIN (Gangster Boss - A snake of a man, who hates Sam Glade with a passion.)

LUCY LICKLIPS (Gangsters Mole - A woman deadly secret between her legs. Sam's ex-partner, but in what way?

SQUEAKY SLONG and SIDEKICK STEVE (Gangsters sidekicks.)

GENERAL BATTON (Band Master - slick and in control - A master of his art.)

Loads of other smaller cameo parts to be filled also.