Hi I'm George..... Deal with it...

Yes I know I'm out of my mind... But it's dark, scary and lonely in there and I don't want to go back...

Am a Drama Queen??? Ohhhh Yeah... This is my "ego" page, as there's no room for it on stage with all your egos are clogging it up.. *wink*

George Riddell : "Sings a little, acts a little, dances only when threatened." Thinks they should have an "open season" on choreographers. He hates dancing but they keep insisting he does it, carrying baseball bats to rehearsals....

Rough Show List :- Beauty and the Beast (The Beast), Full Monty The Musical (Director), Guys and Dolls (Skye Masterson), Peddlar (Jack and the Beanstalk), Emile (South Pacific - 3 weeks rehearsal due to original Emile dropping out), Calamity Jane (Director), King And I (Co-Director), Monty Python's Holy Grail (Director) permission from the great Michael Palin himself, Captain Tempest (Return To The Forbidden Planet), Lank (Crazy For You), Jud (Oklahoma), Billy (Anything Goes), Gerald (Me and My Girl 2 weeks rehearsals due to original Gerald dropping out), Cyril (Princess Ida), Fredderic (Pirates Of Penzance - 4 times now), Seymore (Little Shop Of Horrors), Bill (Kiss Me Kate), Mr Sorrel (Wanted On Body), Joe (Charlie Girl) to name a few.

Loves being creative, writing poems, pantomimes, and is always working on several musicals and scripts :-

  • THE CLUB (Big Band Burlesque Style Musical),
  • Harlots Of Henley (G&S with a twist),
  • Xmas Toy Story (Musical/Dance show),
  • The Beast Of Ghastly Manor (Play),
  • Valley Of The Kings (Musical),

If your group is looking for a Director who's fresh (can't get any fresher than me...), bursting with ideas (can't get any more bursting than me...) and willing to give ANYTHING a try (can't get more trying than... err... hmmm...) then drop me a line.

Am Dram Experience...

Singing (Baratone prefered but goes from high bass to highish tenor), Acting, Dance (but only when threatened), Set Design (Designs 3d computer generated sets to scale),Lighting, Sound, Sounds Effects, Visual Effects (Computer Art and Photographic enhancement and manipulation)Script Writing, Fight Choreographer, Sword Fight Choreographer, Stunt Work, Publicity. And now Directing....

You name it... I'll learn it...

In June 2000, George was asked to be a guest singer at the Annual "Stephen Sondheim" Society concert in Windsor. Which he sang "Nothing's Going To Harm You" from "Sweeney Todd", "What Do We Do? We Fly!" from "Do I Hear a Waltz?" and the duet "Thinking" from "Do I Hear a Waltz?".

Rough Past Shows List
In date order, recent first and now offical retired from stage work...


  • Bespoke Company - Privately Funded
  • Kenton Theatre, Henley on Thames.
  • Yes again with Friday night half sold beforeeven the first reherarsal.)
  • Show Date - 12th - 16th Jan 2016.

Crazy For You (Lank)

  • EBOS Nov 2015
  • Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park, Bracknell.
  • Show Date - 3 November - 7 November 2015.
  • "My favourite number was Naughty Baby with Irene and Lank; I was practically howling! Expect a cheeky wardrobe ensemble and some rather hilarious facial expressions." - : Francesca Perryman (www.GetReading.co.uk)
  • "Special mention must go to George Riddell as gruff saloon owner Lank. His surly demeanour kept the audiences laughing throughout, but his 'Naughty Baby' performance with seductress Irene in the second half will have you clutching your sides in hysterics." - : Gemma Davidson (Wokingham Times)
  • (Click here the youTube promo clip showing what a fantastic show it was.)

EUROBEAT (Video Editor/Live Green Screen VT Mixer)

  • Live Video Editor/Mixer
  • Live Green Screen VT Mixer / Projector Mixer
  • For this fantastic show I had to mix several live feeds (green screen / Projection / Recorded video) into one out feed.
  • The software I used for this was vMix (http://www.vmixhd.com/). A fantastic piece of software I cannot recommend enough. Though 4 live performance it worked without a hitch.
  • Show Date - Summer 2014


  • Kenton Theatre, Henley on Thames.
  • Show Date - April 2014.


  • Tring Festival Company
  • The Court Theatre, Tring.
  • Show Date - Oct 2013.

Musical World 2 (Concert)

  • Chesham Musical Theatre Company
  • The Elgiva Theatre, Chesham.
  • Show Date - 19th to the 22nd Oct 2011.

The Sound of Music (Video/Projection Sequence Effects and Editing)

  • EBOS.
  • South Hill Park Theatre, Bracknell.

Beauty and the Beast (Beast)

  • Maidenhead Musical Comedy Society
  • Desborough Suite, Maidenhead.
  • Show Date - 3rd to the 9th of Oct 2011.
  • "A suitably dark performance from George, full of scary demonstrations bewildering his servants and the captive Belle, but it was interlaced with some subtle moments of comedy to show his tender,almost teenage side. The glee is his movements when Belle accepted his invitation to dinner was marvellous. George has a powerful singing voice that he used to good effect and it didn’t seem out of place with the appearance of the beast." - : Steve Bold, NODA Representative, Area 14.

Crazy For You (Lank)

  • Chesham Musical Theatre Company
  • The Elgiva Theatre, Chesham.
  • Show Date - 13th-16th April 2011.
  • "George Riddell was a very fierce Saloon Proprietor and demonstrated his versatility when tamed by Irene Roth the Society Debutante endeavouring to marry Bobby who was played with panache by Lauren Shephard her rendition of ‘Naughty Baby’ was a delight to behold and much appreciated by the audience." Rita Carpenter - NODA.

Pirates of Penzance (Fredderic)

  • Abingdon Operatic Society
  • Show Week - 25th Oct 2010.

Mac and Mabel (Silent Movie Sequence Directing, Filming and Editing)

  • MMCS.
  • Desborough Suite, Maidenhead.
  • (Click here the youTube clip of one of the silent movie films and edited by myself.)

    Guys and Dolls (Sky Masterson)

    • Chesham Musical Theatre Company
    • The Elgiva Theatre, Chesham.
    • Show Date - Tues 21st to Sat 25th April 2009.

    Aladin (Abanazar - The Bad Guy)

    Actors Nightmare (Megan - Transvestite Stage Manager)

    • South Hill Park, Bracknell.
    • Show Date - Nov 2008.

    Annie Get Your Gun (Buffalo Bill)

    • Slough Musical Theatre, Maidenhead.
    • Show Date - Feb 2008.

    Robinson Crusoe (Billy And Musical Director)

    • Riverside Players, Old Windsor.
    • Show Date - Nov/Dec 2007.


    • Riverside Players.
    • Desborough Suite, Maidenhead.
    • Show Date - Sept 2007.


    • Riverside Players, Old Windsor,
    • Show Date - June 2007.

    Jack and the Beanstalk (Beggar again)

    • Riverside Players, Old Windsor,
    • Show Date - Nov/Dec 2006.

    South Pacific (Emile)

    • Riverside Players, Old Windsor,
    • Show Date - 06/07/08 July 2006.
    • Riverside's orignal "Emile" dropped out 3 weeks before the show, and I was asked to stand in for him. Having 2 weeks rehearals before show week it was an amazing challenge.
    • "GEORGE RIDDELL (Emile de Becque). Being asked to step into such a major role a month before curtain up would have frightened even the most seasoned of pros, but George rose to the challenge and his hard work certainly paid off tonight. Although perhaps a little too young in real life to play ‘middle-aged’, George nevertheless gave us a very credible performance of the wealthy French planter de Becque, and although his accent slipped at times from French American to his natural Scottish, he more than made up for this with his powerful singing voice and sensitive acting skills . Well done, George, for ‘saving the day’!"

    CALAMITY JANE (Director / Silent Movie Director and Effects)

    • April 2005.
    • This was my first major Directing job with CMT and I must say it was an amazing experience. CMT were behind me all the way with my crazy ideas and designs, and in the end it turned out to be one cracking show...

      The NODA report said the following... :-

      "The proof of all the hard work, before during rehearsals, was there for all to see. George had enthused his cast

      a) to enjoy themselves

      b) believe in themselves, so that this was a show to remember.

      His enthusiasm and outlook for the show worked. The pace was good, the changing of the staging worked well, I thought. The use of the auditorium for the Black Hills of Dakota was appreciated by the audience, as was the silent filming of the rescue.

      Congratulations to George, I hope we will see more of you as a director. It is one of the best productions of Calamity Jane that I have seen in my 12 years as NODA rep in this area."

      Gareth Jeremy

    The King And I (Co-Director/Sound/Video Effects)

    • Show Date - Feb 2004.

    Singing In The Rain (Production Tennor / Video Sequence Effects and Editing)

    • H.A.O.D.S.
    • Created the Video Effects Sequences of "Old Talking Movies" and "Silent Movie Sequences".

    Monty Python's Holy Grail (Arranged And Directed)

    • Freeflow Productions October 2003.
    • Also Video Editing and Special Effects.

    Return To The Forbidden Planet (Captain Tempest)

    • MMCS October 2003.
    • "This was a great characterisation by George of 'Captain Tempest of the starship Albatross', exactly right in every detail. Here we had a performer who knew how to use a stage and also how to play an audience, so essential in this role. This performance was enhanced by some wonderful facial expressions, particularly in the lifting of an eyebrow, which spoke volumes and seemed to lift all of two inches every time.Good diction and a first-class singing voice, with the icing on the cake, being his playing of the saxophone in the finale. A great perormance." (Henry Hawes NODA)

    Crazy For You (Lank)

    • The show was 2 weeks after Oklahoma, on stage after 4 full rehearsals.
    • "George Riddell - 'Lank Hawkins'. Looked the part, and I enjoyed your characterisation throughout. Good clear diction and upright stance on stage at all times. I'm glad you enjoyed all the dancing exercises you were put through!!" - Gareth Jeremy, (National Operatic and Dramatic Association).

    Oklahoma (Judd)

    • MMCS May 2003.
    • "What a wonderful interpretation George Riddell brought to the role of Judd Fry. There was so much more depth of character than normally seen and the whole of the Smokehouse scene was first class." (Barry Theobald NODA)
  • Click here for a small video of my song.

    Anything Goes (Billy)

    • MMCS 2002.
    • "This was a very good characterisation and turned Billy into a very likeable person. You also made good useof your facial expressions and communicated well with the audience." (Barry Theobald NODA)

    Me and My Girl (Gerald)

    • Masquerade - Reading.
    • Stepped in at the last moment (4 weeks to showdate) as the original Gerald was not able to do the show.
    • "True to the tradition of this happy show, which opened in London in 1937, the Masquerade Musical Theatre Company utterly delighted their audience. This is a multi-talented company, but Martin Brown and Jo Keen were outstanding as cockney lovers Bill and Sally. Both revealed star quality in singing, dancing and acting.

      Also presenting impressive parterships were Lisa Martin and George Riddell, while Jean Frost struggled, almost in vain, to rid Bill of his cockney rhyming slang.

      Beryl Cooper was a flamboyant Pearly Queen, while Peter Murray added to the slapstick as the family solicitor. The chorus was fully involved throughout, choreography was excellent and the costumes colourfully exotic, in one of the best productions from this company." (Cantabile - Reading Chronicle)

    Princess Ida (Cyril)

    • EBOS
    • "Cyril (George Riddell) sounded like a baritone who could, nevertheless, reach the notes, and had a wonderfully cheeky and outgoing personality, exuding young male romantic charm from every pore, of the kind to have every woman swooning. The sort of charm that Leonard Osborn apparently had in this role, perhaps?"

    • "Cyril's Kissing Song was magnificently staged, standing on the table and ending by approaching Blanche with a proffered kiss, where upon she threatened him with a carving knife."

    Fiddler On The Roof (Fyedka)

    • EBOS

    Pirates Of Penzance (Fredderic - 4 times EBOS/GRIMMS/WOODLEY/AOS)

    • EBOS
    • "George Riddell (FREDERICK, the Pirate Apprentice) - As the Pirate Apprentice who has led a so-called sheltered life with the Pirates with only Ruth as his female companion, George got it just right. In particular, when faced with a large group of comely wenches, the surprise and joy on his face was a picture. His posture, facial expressions and diction were excellent. His singingwas of a high standard and I liked the way he sang "Oh Is There Not One Maiden Breast", it being sung most expressively. Well Done."
    • Click here for a small video of the production

    Me and My Girl (One of 6 principle dancers)

    • EBOS

    Kiss Me Kate (Bill and Dancer)


    Little Shop Of Horrors (Seymour Krelborn)

    Jack and the Beanstalk (Beggar)

    • "It was clear that the production was going to be pretty special when George Riddell as a character called the Pedlar introduced the show in mime. To warm up an audience Harpo Marx-style using just expressions and geastures takes nerve and a great deal of talent and George managed to get the whole audience shouting and cheering." - Newspaper review.

    Wanted - One Body (Mr Sorrel)

    • "The two members of the cast who best acheived their goal of appearing prime suspects while actually being quite innocent were Tim Wood as the serious and slightly sinister chauffeur and a crypto-Rowan Atkinson like George Riddell as the psychotic undertaker.

      Where everyone else was rushing around, George was delivering his lines at funereal pace - and winning many of the biggest laughs from the admittedly rather small audience.

      Undertaker (slowly): "It's too late, it's too late."

      Solicitor (quickly): "Too late for what?"

      Undertaker (even more slowly): "It's always too late..."

      It may not be Shakespeare but it certainly comes close to Morcambe and Wise."

      Tim Cole (Newspaper Review)

    Charlie Girl (Joe)


    Cinderella (Cupid)

    Aladdin (Emperor Chop Suezy)

    Gypsy (Yonkers)

    Babes in the Woods (Hue)

    Cinderella (Cupid - Aged 12 First ever time on stage. A "Punk Rock" Cupid at that,The emotional scars run deep... Deep... Black tights, hearts pinned on me and a huge Safety Pin as a bow...)

    Other Shows (Support/Chorus/Speaking)

    Calamity Jane (Joe and a "Johnnie" - Joined 3 weeks before show week.)

    Anything Goes (Drunken Sailor - Joined 1 week before show week.)

    My Fair Lady (Alfred's side kick - solo singing)

    Kismet (Orange Seller - Joined 1 week before show week.)

    Romeo and Juliet (Fight/Sword Choreographer)

    Oliver (Stunt Double Bill, 18 foot fall from roof tops to crash mats)

    Midsummer Night's Dream (Set Design + third fairy from the left)